It's time for me to say "goodbye".  Blogging is time consuming and all along I've struggled with trying to manage a full-time job, blogging and not neglecting my kids.  I've often felt like I was being pulled in too many directions and that something eventually had to give, and this is it.

I'll still be doing projects around our house because I just can't help myself.  I've got some other creative ideas that I'll be exploring, and I can do them without feeling any pressure to do them on a regular basis.  Not that I've ever been consistent with a blogging schedule. :)   Mostly, I want to savor every precious minute that I have with my two wonderful kids, my sweet pup, and my family and friends.

A BIG thanks to those of you who've followed along, and to anyone who took the time to leave me an encouraging comment or send me an email.  Thanks to those much bigger blogs who were kind enough to feature some of my projects.

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